Inuit Films is a film production company specialized in advertising documentaries, where professionalism, creativity, and the realization of audiovisual projects always go hand by hand, understanding that in this way ideas will always respond better to the needs of our clients. These ideas are designed by the same team that will later film them, and thus always keep the needs of the project in mind.

Inuit Films has a human capital of multidisciplinary Professionals who during these years have been building the best of complicities to believe in what we produce.

Names like:
Oriol Murcia / Jordi Solans / Joan Miquel Orga / Marc Media / Laura Galofre / Martin Elena / David Romeo / Berta Martínez / José Luís Pulido / Xavier Barangé /

We want to work with people inspired by our same concerns, such as extending the current limits of cinematographic quality and creativity by inspiring individuals to go outdoors, respecting our planet, and promoting what our clients ask of us to promote with potential, innovation and imagination.